Global Dermocosmetics Leader DERMACLASS Derma Class was established to provide solutions for various skin concerns such as sensitive skin
that suffers from air pollution, sudden climate change or UV rays and the look of key signs of aging.
We aim to present your skin with a positive difference.

A global cosmetics expert with more than 20 years of experience in the field and Plastic & reconstructive surgeon
study together on the mechanism for improvement of damaged skin, find the ways to restore skin suppleness
and elasticity and fortify skin’s natural strength thereby eventually bring a natural beauty and healthiness on your skin.

Founder CEO Andy Eum Graduated from Korea University
Estee Lauder Korea, Marketing service & Procurement Manager
Cosmax, Overseas Sales Director
Shinsegae Intercos Korea, Sales Executive Director
Dermaclass, CEO
I have worked on over 2,000 projects with global cosmetics brands for the past 20 years, but the work in this industry has not become any easier for me.
However, I am certain that cosmetics product development is what I should pursue despite the obstacles and difficulties.
Even though hundreds of new products come into the market and new requirements align to the business every day, DERMA CLASS will always try to
provide the products proven to be effective based on studies, papers and clinical tests and keep challenging ourselves to make the top-quality products
that bring REAL skin benefits to you.
            DERMA CLASS Co., Ltd. Founder Andy Eum  

Co-founder Dr. Noh (Hyeong joo Noh) Graduated from Seoul National University Medical center
Asan Medical Center, Resident in plastic & reconstructive surgery department
Asan Medical Center, Specialist in plastic & reconstructive surgery department
Asan Medical Center, Clinical professor in plastic & reconstructive surgery department
Regular member of Korea Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Regular member of Korea Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Regional trainer of ASIA, SINCLAIR Perfecta of ENGLAND
Regional trainer of ASIA, SINCLAIR Silhouette soft Asia OF ENGLAND
Director of The Class & Mizain plastic surgery
As a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, I’ve been facing numerous patients, listening to their various concerns on skin and finding solutions for them. Plastic
or cosmetics surgery could be the quickest solution. However, I am certain that the best solution for all those concerns is fortifying skin’s natural strength and
enhancing the overall condition of the skin so that we make ourselves not encounter unexpected skin troubles.

We will always focus on effective but easy-to-use products developed based on the combination of modern medical science and formulating technologies
thereby help you to enhance the fundamental ecosystem of your skin.
            DERMA CLASS Co., Ltd. Co-founder Dr. Noh